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We help companies create growth and value. The starting point is the company’s mindset, strategy and its implementation. We advise on mindset knowledge, relationships, business processes and Big data and digitalization in the intersection between people, business and IT.

We work with customer orientation. We focus on the “Golden 3-edge” that exists between customers, companies – and suppliers. It is in this value chain we must create the efficiency = mutual value. The efficiency of the “Golden 3-Edge” is created through the interplay between mindset, knowledge, relationships, business processes and Performance management.

There are many ways to realize the desire for increased efficiency in the company. Our approach is the company’s knowledge and combine this with external data on customers and market. We challenge the company on their mindset, the business model, the processes, the culture, the organization and the willingness to go new ways.

A thorough analysis of customer data, earnings and assessment of potentials provides a good starting point for the work to challenge mindset, prioritize and implement improvements. We can participate in both strategy development and implementation. In addition to experience, we have a wide range of tools that ensure an efficient and value-creating process.

We help to create the profitable and customer-oriented business. By creating value for customers, the company creates value for itself, through loyal and satisfied customers who buy again and recommend the company to others.

By exploiting resources in a priority and targeted way, the highest efficiency is achieved so that customers are also profitable. Value is created through growth and a high efficiency of marketing and sales, as well as being internally focused on efficiency.

Growth and profitability are based on having the right mindset towards customers and market and by insights and knowledge of customers and the market, to process, share and proactively apply knowledge. It starts with the right mindset and a strategic decision.

We can help companies that have challenges with:
  • Analysis
  • Big Data
  • Business Model
  • CRM
  • Customer orientation
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Digitalization
  • Disruption
  • Loyalty
  • Marketing performance
  • Mindset
  • Profitability
  • Segmenting
  • Strategy

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